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To keep ahead of the competition, understanding and embracing digital marketing and digital transformation is critical to your business.

We specialise in generating more customers, sales, and leads for your business through proven marketing strategies.

If your marketing is not a revenue generator, then your marketing is not performing.

Whether you’re looking for a new website, more leads, better leads, (or just any leads at all), our team can help you reach your goal.

Why should your business be falling in love with digital marketing.

DiGenie provides a holistic approach to managing all aspects of a company’s online presence.

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DiGenie is a full-service digital marketing Agency

Responsive Web Design & Lead Generation

Websites don’t just need to look great, they also needed to be responsive and structured right to appeal to search engines and drive traffic. A website needs to be seen otherwise what you’ve got is an expensive online brochure.

Search Engine

Using the right SEO techniques is a priority in today's digital world. it is critical that your business can be found online by maximising the opportunities of free website traffic. We'll increase your organic search traffic by pushing your business to the top of online search platforms like Google.

Social Media

A social media strategy is an essential peice of the digital marketing mix. Acquiring attention via social media sites is something that should be incorporated into a campaign and daily routine to maximise reach, leads and conversions.

Pay-Per-Click & Display Banner Advertising

Running paid advertising will allow you to predictably control your incoming customers and leads. Our team of experts leaves no stone unturned as we run paid traffic campaigns every single day!

Digital Metrics &

Data is such a valuable commodity in determining your ROI and business competitiveness. Understanding where your traffic is coming from, it's behaviour and conversion is key to becoming smarter, more efficient and effective.

Reputation Marketing & Management

Your online reputation will make or break your company in the eyes of your customers. We have a unique approach in building your reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook as well as sharing all of the good news with your ideal customer.

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