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To grow you need to optimise - To optimise you need to measure - To measure you need Google Analytics.

Enhance your company efficiency with Data Analytics or, as we prefer to call it, Measurement Marketing.

As with any business that has ever looked into digital marketing, you may have come across terms such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

These are among the more popular digital marketing techniques available, and ensuring you make the most of what Google Analytics has to offer is essential to any successful results in these methods.

Jumping into your Google Analytics account to view your monthly sales and goal conversions is fairly straightforward. But understanding how all the data and reports work together is where the genuine benefits can be seen.

Knowing "What You Don't Know" when utilising Google Analytics in Measurement Is Tricky At The Best Of Times.

However, when you’ve gone under the hood with this extremely comprehensive tool, you’ve perhaps found what many people do.

Google Analytics is like flying a plane with so many buttons and switches to press, and you find that you are only just scratching the surface of what Google Analytics can tell you. The learning curve appears lengthy and more difficult than you were perhaps prepared for.

By bringing in the experts here at DiGenie, we can dismiss these concerns and guarantee you maximise the value of what this amazing free platform can provide.

Our Measurement Marketers utilise their innovative knowledge in planning, developing, and implementing Measurement Marketing Systems to examine the overall performance of your marketing methods and website.

Stop Kicking the tyres! Enhance your company efficiency with Data Analytics

Ensure you make the most of what Google Analytics has to offer and maximise your digital marketing efforts.

How will DiGenie help our business?

We have the expertise to help you identify opportunities that will keep your business innovative and competitive, which can increase revenue and streamline your business model.

At DiGenie, we work from five primary pillars of measurement marketing:

What can I expect from DiGenie?

Our sophisticated analytics consultancy service targets every corner of your website site and digital marketing activities. This means we can highlight the best areas of opportunity to improve.

We’ve supplied innovative google analytical consultancy services to a broad range of business sectors, including but not limited to green energy, technology, accountants, insurance providers, legal, leisure and education.

Meaning we have the experience to rapidly get to grips with an organisation and recommend modifications that will effectively influence the return on investment.

Our Measurement Marketing Service's Process For Businesses Include:

Our SEO Service’s Process for Businesses:

Our SEO Service’s Process for Businesses:

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