Three Ways To Use New Google Features For Local Search Engine Optimisation In 2022

This article will discuss how to succeed with local Search Engine Optimisation through Google’s new marketing functions. We’re also going to give you some ideas about keeping customers engaged and maintain traffic to your website by updating your Google Business Profile (previously know as Google My Business).

Google Local will now let you position ads directly to link prospective customers with your organisation. Your Google Local ads will populate search results when local users search with keywords related to your organisation.

Considering that the brand-new functions provide the remarkable potential for local searches, how do you prepare to integrate them into your current SEO strategies?

Get More Website Visitors!

Do you desire to outrank your competition and get traffic in your door, whether that’s with in-person foot traffic or clicks through to your site? Then Google’s structured service services will help you do simply that.

We’re all knowledgeable about the many challenges the last couple of years have brought. Due to staff shortages, a local drive-through dining establishment was required to close for the day. Their online purchasing system didn’t show their short-lived closure, nor did their Google Maps listing. You can see the resulting confusion and frustration for their consumers.

A widespread story for many businesses over the last two years. As a small company owner, how can you remain on top of communications about these sometimes sudden modifications? Google has choices for you.

Part of the benefit of Google Local ads is the capability to upgrade noticeable details about sudden changes to your service status, like temporary closures. Not only does it inform your customers, but you also won’t be charged for leads while you have specific settings activated. You can resume routine company trading when ready to do so.

Google Local likewise lets you consist of details in your ad about your COVID-19 reaction and changing policies, so clients can know what to expect each time they visit your company.

How can you integrate these brand-new functions into your existing SEO method? Keep reading.

Three Ways to Use Google Local Services in Your SEO Strategy

Take these three practical ideas to carry out Google’s brand-new functions into your current strategy.

1. – Communicate Your Businesses Up To Date Information

Lots of customers double-check if a business is open through Google or the Google Maps app. Be sure to communicate changes to hours and services through these opportunities if you want to keep them in the loop.

  • Have your hours changed due to the pandemic or personnel shortages?
  • Do you have particular Covid policies set up?
  • Do you use pavement services?
  • Can your customer find this info when they search your service online?

Your customer can learn all this information from your Google Local profile– Make sure to update it with the most up-to-date information routinely!

2. – Promote Special Offers and Events

With the Google Local profile, you can update your information at any time, which means that you can keep this as up to date as your social media profiles. You get the opportunity to include promos and information about upcoming events.

  • Do you have a discount code for 10%, 25% or 50% off a product or service?
  • Do you want to host a webinar or in-person event?

Make sure to include this vital information on your profile! In the same way, you wish to bring in new leads or register people for your e-mail lists, you can direct users to these special offers and attract more business and income.

3. – Get Customers to Leave Reviews

Star rankings and reviews impact your Google Local ad rankings. Don’t have lots of reviews? If you aren’t getting any reviews, the fact is you can’t get great reviews! And if you aren’t asking individuals to leave them, you’re most likely to only get reviews from irritated clientele.

At the end of e-mails, on invoice copies, and at the end of securing that latest new business deal, ask people to share their experiences and to leave comments about your company. Google Local even includes a feature to ask for reviews through your business profile.

In addition to websites and local SEO, we also optimise Google profiles for all our SEO customers. You can find out more about our services and get help to get you started today by giving us a call or requesting a free strategy session. Don’t delay act today!