Why Every Business Needs to Retarget Website Visitors

Retargeting is a common advertising practice because it is a powerful approach to improving every other area of marketing almost instantly. 

Retargeting is when you craft ads specifically designed to push conversion. You target those ads toward people who have already been to your site or even engaged with you but didn’t finish a transaction.

In some cases, you might use it to drum up repeat business from those who haven’t converted in a while by offering them something new! 

Why Retargeting Is Important

Why focus on targeting the same people multiple times when you can keep targeting new people who might not need as much convincing? 

Why not just let those failed conversions go? 

The simple answer is that you’re throwing money away by not trying to get those leads to commit. 

There is an old saying that it costs 10X more to get a new customer than it does to convince an existing customer to buy again. 

Retargeting follows the same logic. It is less expensive to show the same offer to people who have already seen it than it is to find someone else who might be interested!

Just because a lead did not convert when they visited your site doesn’t mean they are not interested in a future offer. They might be sat on the fence or researching to make the right decision. 

People go on a journey when they buy something. That journey begins with discovering the problem and then investigating solutions. 

They might have been in the “fact-finding” stage when they came across your offer… But when you approach them when they are ready to buy, you will have much better luck!

Since those leads have already shown interest and may just need a little push to commit, they’re easier to convert than brand-new cold traffic that might not be ready to make a decision. 

We can help with your retargeting

Here at DiGenie, we help companies get retargeting set up compliant and transparently and increase ROI almost overnight. Ask us how we can get a pixel setup for free today and see just how valuable and affordable retargeting can be!